Adobe Photoshop Tutorials for Screen Printing Custom T-shirts

  • How to do a basic spot color separation in Photoshop for screen printing

    In this tutorials learn how to do a basic spot color separation inside Photoshop for out putting film positives for screen printing.

  • How to Make Halftones for Screen Printing

    Print film positives with no rip software...we do in this video. We convert color channels to halftones quick and easy.

  • Screen Print a Photograph Using White Ink Only

    In this video we show how to take a photograph and convert it to a one color print- we are using white ink only. Take a look and think about the possibilities.

  • How to Make a Vintage T Shirt Effect in Photoshop

    How to apply a vintage distress texture to a finished t-shirt color separation done within Photoshop. Also how to add the texture to the white underbase somewhat differently to provide the optimum results on press. This is the most accurate method of doing so within a t-shirt screen printing environment.

  • Photoshop Repair Enhance T-Shirt Artwork Using UltraSeps

    This Photoshop action will help your low resolution images. We all have customers bring us low resolution images...I use this tool when that happens. It can help make an image screen printable.

  • Vintage Retro Photoshop Actions for Tee Shirt Designs

    Ultra Seps will come with 125 vintage retro "distressed" filters. Create stunning "distressed" t-shirt designs with these filters. The distress action in photoshop will make this easy.

  • Merging Channels In Photoshop T-Shirt Color Separations

    You can combine channels to lower the number of colors to print film positives and lower the number sof sreen print colors on press. This video covers how to correctly merge - combine color channels in Adobe Photoshop to reduce the number of colors required for t-shirt color separation. It describes how to effectively use the Apply Image function of Adobe Photoshop to apply some or all data from one channel to another.

  • Photoshop Cartoon Draw & Sketch Effects With UltraSeps

    This is an awesome action to have. We constanly have car clubs wanting to have t-shirt s printed with thier cars. With this action we have the ability to take a picture and convert it to a cartoon effect in one click of the action in Photoshop.

  • Assign Colors To Spot Channels In Photoshop

    This video covers the correct way to assign colors to channels within Photoshop multi-channel color separations used for t-shirt screen printing. The method outlined will eliminate all potential errors if trying to open a color separation done using a modern version of Photoshop with an older version of Photoshop, Illustrator or CorelDraw.

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