How To Screen Print Your Own T-Shirts

Degreasing screens is a very important step in preparing your screen to be coated with emulsion. By degreasing your screens you can remove dirt and oil or other chemicals used in the reclaiming process. This step of degreasing will help your emulsion adhere very well to your screen mesh.

Degreasing screens is the last step in reclaiming screens. To degreases your screen place your screen in the washout booth and run some water over it to get it wet. Next spray a small amount of degreaser onto the mesh. Using a scrub pad, scrub from top to bottom on both sides of the screen.

After scrubbing both sides of the screen begin rinsing at the top of the screen and work your way down. This will remove and wash all degreaser off the screen .Your now ready to place your screen in a clean dry place. This will allow the screen to dry so that it can be coated with emulsion.

Tip: use a scrub pad dedicated to degreasing only so your screens are not contaminated from other chemicals -which can cause pin holes in your emulsion.

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