How To Screen Print Your Own T-Shirts

Here's a quick and dirty tips and tricks tutorial for getting clean gradations in Illustrator for screen-printing tee shirts. I show the basic method for setting spot colors to a gradient as well as how to keep the gradient free from hard lines due to fall out of your halftone dot.


Patrick Borg:

Interesting video about gradations in screen printing. I have been in screen printing for the last 30 years, working for prestigious companies like Levi’s, Playmobil and Mothercare.
I am based in Malta Europe.

I agree that the foundation of a good print starts with a great artwork design, and finally finishing with a great color separation process, which in turn, is the final result on the printed t-shirt.

So I would say that, having a great artwork but poor color separation, especially in multi-color simulated process separation, would result in a very bad printed t-shirt. Not mentioning printing on dark t-shirts. A professionally generated simulated process color separation resulting in an excellent printed t-shirt will get you more customers, that is “happy customers” thus more business. So think about in investing in a good color separation from an experienced screen printer who knows the pitfalls of certain problematic prints when printing on dark t-shirts.

As a 30 years experienced screen printer and graphics designer specialized for screen printing, I can offer professional color separation service for screen printers coupled with technical advice, as I offer screen printing consultancy online.
my website : explains my services and offers of a 50% discount on the first simulated process color separation, where you will benefit from less headaches and will have a “preview” of what is to be expected when t-shirt is printed. There are videos to show you what I can do for you. My color separations services is affordable and very competitive pricing. Guaranteed !
With every color separation ordered, I will give “free” technical advice.
My color separations are ready-for-film output on your inkjet printers and without the need of a RIP software.

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Jan 09, 2018

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