Press wash is a valuable tool that is made to make on press color changes. There may come a time when you need to change colors in the middle of screen printing a job. And by using press wash you can leave the screens set up and registered on the press and quickly make color changes. Most press washes are designed to be fast evaporating, this will help because you want the chemicals gone before adding ink back to the screens, so fast evaporation is a plus! Press wash is also designed not break down emulsion. To use press wash simply remove the majority of ink from the screen, spray the press wash onto the screen and wipe the ink out of the mesh. Repeat this step until there is no more ink remaining in the screen. Press wash is also great for cleaning equipment such as print heads and ink spatulas.

 Screen wash is a used after your down printing. Screen wash will quickly degrade and remover your ink so you can begin reclaiming your screens and removing emulsion. Screen wash is also used for cleaning inks off your squeegees and spatulas in recirculating tanks. Screen wash does not typically evaporate which makes it a great tool for your screen printing recirculating tank.