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    Differences in Screen Printing Squeegee Blades Durometer

    Watch this tutorial as we show you some of the differences in screen printing squeegee blades and durometer.

  • Tapeless Screen Printing Frames

    We show how tapeless screen printing frames can save time and money. Register your screens quickly and spend less money on screen tape, and save money by spending less on labor cost and time when reclaiming the screens.

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    Different types of platens for screen printing

    Watch our video about the different types of platens for screen printing.

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    Loading T-shirts on a pallet

    Tips for loading tshirts correcting on your pallets for printing.

  • Keeping your shirts from moving on platens with adhesive

    Follow along as we demostrate the TEK MAR Target TB 500 Adhesive Applicator.

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    Print Locations On T-Shirts- Front, Back, Left Chest/ Crest

    Watch this video to learn the most common screen print locations for front, back and left chest/crest on t-shirts.

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