• Press Wash- On Press Ink Remover

    Quickly change plastisol ink colors on press while leaving your screens registered. On Press Ink Romver is also great to open clogged screen mesh. Safe for the enviroment and safe for the users with a low odor.

  • Plastisol Ink & Squeegee Multipurpose Ink Remover

    We love Franmar products in our shop. They work great and are earth "green" friendly. We use the Multipurpose Ink Remover in our recirculating tank to clean plastisol ink from our squeegee and spatulas.

  • Screen Wash -Plastisol Ink Remover

    The first step to reclaiming screens is to remove excess plastisol ink from the screeens. In this video we show how we remove the plastisol ink using Plastisol Ink Remover.

  • Dip Tank Emulsion Remover- Ink + Emulsion Remover

    Our favorite way to reclaim screens is using a dip tank. We use Franmar Ink + Emulsion Remover in our dip tank. IAfter soaking our screens in the dip tank the emulsion comes off very easy!

  • Removing old ghost images with dehazer

    Here is a quick video for removing stains and old ghost images with screen printing dehazer. Click here to learn more

  • Degreasing Screens with Screen Degreaser

    A "must do" part of reclaiming screens. The last step before screens are coated again- this step helps make sure your screens are free from chemicals so the emulsion adheres to the screens for the next coating. Click here to learn more.

  • Film Coming Soon

    Screen Wash Vs Press Wash

    Watch this video to learn the differences between screen wash and press wash.

  • Emulsion Remover How To

    Step-by-step demonstration of how to use Franmar Chemical's Emulsion Remover. User friendly and very safe. Excellent for reclaiming screen printing frames. Click here to learn more

  • Plastisol Ink Remover

    Franmar Chemical's Screen Printing Cleaners - Greeneway Textile Ink Cleaner

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