Water Base Screen Printing Ink Remover
Water Base Screen Printing Ink Remover Water Base Screen Printing Ink Remover

Water-Based Ink Remover saves screens by cleaning dried water-based inks from screens that could not otherwise be cleaned and reused.

Water-Based Ink Remover will:

  • Removes Dried Water-Based Ink
  • Tough on High-Pigment Inks
  • Virtually Eliminates Mesh Ghosting


Franmar's Water-Based Ink Remover is exclusively made for screen printers that print with water-based inks. Water-Based Ink Remover will clean all types of today's water-based inks and even works as a screen opener while still on the press. Water-Based Ink Remover delivers all the same great benefits of Franmar's line of screen cleaners developed through the last 30 years and saves cleaning time and screens that could not previously be cleaned. 

  • Virtually No Odor
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Drain Safe
  • No Caustics
  • Spend More Time Printing and Less Time Cleaning


        Q:  What kinds of emulsions are recommended for use with Franmar cleaners?

        A:  Most emulsions will work with Franmar's line of cleaners.  Keep in mind that Franmar's environmentally friendly cleaners require the use of water during the clean-up process, so having an emulsion with some water resistantce is important.

        Q:  Franmar cleaners are softening my emulsion.  Why?

        A:  One posible cause for this is that the emulsion is not fully cured.  Another possibility is that it's not actually the cleaner softening the emulsion, but the water that is used to rinse the screen.  The emulsion used needs to have some water resistance to it.