Big Sales Opportunity

Companies love promotional products, which means just about anyone can be a customer for you. Take a look at local businesses and schools when you are starting out. You never know where your first big sale could come from. With profit margins up to 40%, there's a lot of money to be made!

Up Your Sales Game

From understanding pricing codes to handling rejection, the article 10 Things Every Sales Rep Should Knowcovers it all. Click here to download it.

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Markets to Target

The top 3 markets in the promotional products industry represent $6.78 billion, making them great prospects for you. In fact, health care, education and manufacturing made up 33.2% of the entire industry in 2013. Look for companies in these markets and you'll be focusing your time and effort in the right places.

Make Money in A Lucrative Industry with promotional Products

One thing's for sure- the $20.5 billion promotional product industry is a big business. We are surrounded by them at work, at home, at the store, at the gym- they are everywhere. Promotional products are viewed as crucial marketing tools for big corporations, small businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations, and these buyers show no sign of slowing down. So, why aren't they buying from you? There's a lot of opportunity here!

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Promotional products are globally recognized as a powerful part of brand reinforcement, and advertisers can't get enough. Taking advantage of this demand and including these items into the day-to-day mix is less complicated than most think. Click here to download Promotional Products: An Affair to Remember..

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