How To Screen Print Your Own T-Shirts

  Dehazing screens is removing the stain or "ghost image" in the screen mesh that can be left after printing. The haze or ghost stain left in the mesh from the previous print job can be confusing when registering your screens on press for the next print job and the lines can become confusing as to what you are lining it up to.

  Dehazing chemicals can be caustic and very toxic. We personally like to use biodegradable chemicals for dehazing our screens and removing the old "ghost image".

  The process to dehaze your screen is very simple and easy. To begin just simply wet the screen down with water in the washout booth. Next, using a spray bottle, or whatever the dehazer you are using calls for, begin to mist the old ghost stain in the mesh. Using a scrub pad begin scrubbing the stain in the mesh. Be sure not to get the dehazing chemical on the section of mesh that is glued to the frame. Dehazing chemicals can break down the glue holding the mesh to the frame. Next, after scrubbing the dehazing chemical into the mesh, set the screen aside for a few minutes. This will give the dehazing chemical a chance to break down the ghost stain on the mesh.

  While this screen is setting repeat the same steps we just described to 2 or 3 other screens. Dehazing in small batches like this give the dehazer a chance to work and remove the old stain. After applying the dehazer to two or three other screens go back to the first screen you started with and begin rinsing the dehazing agent out of the screen. Be careful not to get any dehazer in your eyes, especially if you are using a toxic or caustic chemical. Start at the top of the screen and work your way down. By now the ghost image should be removed. Some stains may be harder to remove then others and it may take a couple of times cycling through to completely remove old ghost stains. If you don't remove the stain 100% don't fret, you should still be fine. The next step will be degreasing.

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