Learn how to screen print t-shirts

Screen Printing Ink

We show you some of the best white screen printing ink

Choosing Screen Mesh

Learn how to choose the correct mesh for the best print

How To Screen Print Video Tutorials

In our how to screen print t-shirt videos we share valuable tips and techniques used in the screen printing industry. Equipped with this information you can launch your own t-shirt brand or start your screen printing business! We show tips for choosing emulsion and choosing the right mesh count for your screens. Learn how to coat a silk screen with emulsion, how to print white ink on black t-shirts, how to reclaim your screen printing frames and which reclaiming chemicals on the market will save you time and money.

Screen Printing Blog

PhotoShop Tutorials for Screen Printing

  Photoshop is the most common software used for screen printing. Photoshop is a tremendous tool in the screen printing process. With Photoshop you can create high resolution artwork, digital mock ups or proofs for your t-shirts and print film positives. I persoanlly learned most of my Photoshop skills from...

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Dehaze Screen Printing Mesh

  Dehazing screens is removing the stain or "ghost image" in the screen mesh that can be left after printing. The haze or ghost stain left in the mesh from the previous print job can be confusing when registering your screens on press for the next print job and the...

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Heat Press Transfer

A heat press machine and your own custom transfers can be a great way to start your own t-shirt business with a little know how. For example: What transfers do you buy? How do you make sure your designs look great? Now you can get your copy of our e-book...

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