How to Screen Print T Shirts | On Press Tips

When your on press there are a ton of variables you need consider in order to get good prints. If you are able to understand these variables you will have a better chance to achieve successful prints. Some of these variables you will need to learn and consider are flood, print stroke, off contact, color order, flash times, ink choice, screen mesh tension, screen mesh count, squeegee durometer, squeegee angle to start. Below are a collection of videos and articles to help you along the way to your screen printing endeavors.

How to Choose a Manual Screen Printing Press

Buying a new manual screen printing press is a big step for new screen printers. Your on a limited budget and want to make the right choice. You've got so much riding on this right? Your taking life in your own hands and starting your business or launching your own clothing brand. So how do you make the right choice? Well let's take a look at the critical decisions you need to consider in order to get the right press.

Watch what they are an learn more.

Off Contact for Screen Printing

Off contact for screen printing can play a part in how much ink is deposited onto the shirt. Too much off contact can have your prints look amateur & real blurry. But what about the type of ink your using? Even that makes a difference in the amount of off contact.

Read more and watch the tutorial to find out how much off contact you need.

Pushing or Pulling the Squeegee for Screen Printing

What is the right way to screen print? Do you push or pull the squeegee for screen printing? There are certain variables to consider before you decide to pull or push.

Read more to find the right way to screen print. 

Plastisol Ink | Screen Printing

Plastisol ink is the most common ink used in screen printing t shirts and apparel. But how do you do it? Which plastisol ink should you use? There are some variables to consider when picking your ink.

Click here to find out how to screen print with plastisol ink.


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