Screen Reclaiming & Chemicals

If your going to reuse your screens you have to do what's called reclaiming screens. Reclaiming screens means remove the old the ink and emulsion from the screen and make sure the mesh is cleaned and primed for the next print job. In order to reclaim screens you'll need special screen printing chemicals. The chemicals for screen printing range from emulsion remover, ink degradents, press wash and degreaser to start with. Each chemical has a special purpose in screen printing. Learn what each chemical does and how to do below.

4 Steps to Reclaim Screen Printing Frames & Mesh.

The prints are done- and it's time to reclaim the screens. Make sure you do it the right way with some simple steps to get clean mesh ready for the next run.

Click here to see the best steps to reclaim screens.

Press Wash and Screen Wash

Screen wash and press wash are similar- but which one does what? Do you need both? Well yes- you need them both. And each has a very specific purpose. Don't use the wrong one!

Click here to find out what they do and if you need them both.

Degreaser Does What?

Degreaser is the often overlooked chemical in screen printing. If you get lazy and skip it you could mess your next print up. Check out the video on how to use it and why you need it.

Click here to find out why degreaser is important.

Dehazer | Why you need it

Ever have a hard time registering a screen becuase the old design was still visible? You probably didn't dehaze your screens or expose them correctly. Yes you can easily get rid of the old ghost stains.

Click to find out how to get rid of old ghost stains in your mesh.


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