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Screen printing on a manual press with two operators is one way to increase your prints per hour. This is accomplished by one operator lowering the screen to the t-shirt, pushing or pulling the squeegee across the screen to print, then raising the screen and while the second operator spins the press, rotating the shirts under the flash to flash the inks before they are printed again. When two people operate a screen printing press you can achieve very good print speeds and the fatigue is far less then one person printing alone. I think a good team can be very profitable- but the shirt loader needs to load the shirts straight and watch the flash unit.

Tips to Choose the Best Manual Screen Printing Press

  1. Micro Registration - A MUST!
  2. Off Contact Adjustments
  3. Planning for the number of Colors You Want to Be Able to Print
  4. Numbers of Stations- (Platens) to Print Per Cycle

Other Features to Consider

  1. Screen Clamp Options- Side or rear clamps?
  2. All Heads Down-

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