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Screen Print Tags

Nothing is worse than putting your favorite t-shirt on and feeling that scratchy feeling on your neck from the label. Some people won’t even buy a shirt if it has one of those hanging labels. What’s funny is that people have been putting those tags in shirts for decades and nobody did anything about it. Then one day somebody steps up and says something, Now the labels are gone and there are screen printed labels instead.

Reasons to Screen Print Tags Onto Shirts

With this knowledge a decision can be made whether or not to purchase tag-less shirts and screen print labels on the inside or not. There are a number of reasons that screen printing neck labels is good. The first is branding. A logo can be added into the design, or even better a website address. This will help customers determine who to contact when they want another shirt. Second, you can give exact details on how to clean the shirt. Third, you can get creative with what is on the inside of the shirt. You can be funny or inspirational. You decide. 

Having tags printed on the inside back collar of shirts is a fantastic way to interact with your customers, but there are considerations that must be taken into account when adding this to your business. 

Screen Printing Tag Considerations

The first consideration is that this will add an additional step to a screen printing process. It takes time to print these tags into shirts. Not to mention that it also takes additional ink to create the labels. All of this costs time and money. Consideration must be made. Is it worth it?

Technical constraints will need to be taken into account as well. Will the print show through the shirt? Will it be able to be seen on the back through the shirt? When customers wear the shirts they don’t want weird labels to be seen around the neck of the garment. Can this be achieved without the label seeping through the back of the shirt?

Once all of the considerations have been taken into account it’s time to decide the best route for printing the tags. 

Sleeve Pallets For Screen Printing Tags

A sleeve pallet can be to an equipment list. A sleeve pallet can be used for printing sleeves, pant legs, and shirt collars. The pallet needs coated with an adhesive to hold the garment in place. Then hang the shirt over the pallet exposing the inner shirt collar. The screen needs to be at least as long as the pallet. Mark the pallet with the exact location that the collar is to be printed. This will allow the collars to be printed the same way every time. 

Then process the tag the way the would with any other design would be processed.. 

Screen Printing Tags With A Pocket Pallet

A pocket pallet can also allow a collar to be screen printed. This equipment will allow printing on all sizes of pockets as well as inside shirt collars. (Both the sleeve pallet and the pocket pallet may be items to add into a collection anyways.) After attaching the pallet to the screen printing equipment make sure it is coated with an adhesive to keep the shirt in place. Position the shirt. Mark the pallet with the exact location that the collar is to be printed. 

Tips and Tricks for Screen Printing Inside Collars

The design should not be heavy. Don’t add a lot of ink to the design. This could seep through the shirt and be seen on the other side. 

Test the prints. Adjust anything that needs to be adjusted. Check the ink, the location, the overall process. Make sure it is going to work.

Fine details like small words may be an issue. Consider printing them a little larger.

Don’t use so much pressure. Make sure the ink doesn’t seep. 

Don’t print the tag upside down. 

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