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Screen Printing is Perfect for Makerspaces

There are people who need to create. They have an idea in their head and they want to get it out into the world. So they make things. People make headboards, pillows, and all sorts of things. Sometimes they intend to sell those items, while other times they just want to keep those items for themselves. Nonetheless these people are makers and they work in places called makerspaces. 

What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a workspace that is shared between members of a community. In the workspace there are tools used to create unique items. Typically the tools that are used are expensive and not necessarily something that everybody would have in their homes. So the tools are shared. 

Makerspaces are typically run by nonprofit organizations because they are meant for communities. Patrons of these makerspaces usually pay a fee to use the space for the month or a day. This gives them access to the equipment. 

What Kind of Equipment is in a Makerspace?

Makerspaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are meant for children and teens. These focus primarily on projects that are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related. The students learn how to build things and control things. Think robots and rollercoasters in a STEM room for children and teens.

Makerspaces for adults are very different. They are more focused on output. They include heavy machinery, computers, industrial tools, and garment creation tools. People who patronize these sorts of establishments create things to sell or use in their own homes. These are the types of makerspaces that we will focus on for the rest of this article. 

What Kinds of Tools are in Makerspaces?

There are a wide variety of tools in makerspaces. These can include tools for textiles, plastics, 3D printing, laser cutting, computing, welding, powder coating, metal fabrication, electronics and printing. In fact, this list is somewhat small. These spaces can host a variety of tools and machines. This list is just a small slice of what a makerspace can hold. 

If you visit a makerspace website or in person they have lists of their equipment offerings available to communities. Some makerspaces will offer things that other makerspaces don’t offer. This way you know what equipment is available should you choose to pay for membership. 

Makerspaces Also Offer Classes. 

One of the benefits of makerspaces is that most of them offer classes. There are so many pieces of equipment in their facilities and many people don’t commonly use those pieces so they need training to understand their proper function. It is entirely possible to know nothing about a screen printing machine and get completely trained on one in a Makerspace. 

Where Does Screen Printing Fit in with Makerspaces?

Most makerspaces have textile and garment tools. These can include anything from fabric printers to expensive embroidery machines. Sewing machines and sergers are commonly found in makerspaces. 

Screen printing equipment can sometimes be found in these facilities as well. It makes sense because the equipment can be costly and somebody who just wants to try the concept of screen printing may want to test it out before they purchase the equipment. 

A makerspace that has a screen printer could be used to start a business without purchasing equipment.  

The work areas of makerspaces are filled with tables and chairs that are wide open for creating objects. 

The Final Word on Screen Printing in Makerspaces

If you have a creative urge and want to make something then a makerspace is the perfect place for you. If your local makerspace doesn’t have screen printing equipment already it may be something that you bring up to the staff. They fit in well with all of the other garment creation tools and can be beneficial to a community.

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