How To Screen Print Your Own T-Shirts

Screen printing has become more popular than ever in recent years because it makes creating simple and effective t-shirt easier. And with big brands using water base inks to create soft hand t-shirts that have a fashionable soft feeling t-shirts. However, with some tips you too can screen print your t-shirts using a water based ink to create your own soft hand fashionable t-shirts. Water base ink itself is pretty thin and makes an extremely soft-hand, as it dyes the fabric rather than doing anything else to it, giving you a clear and simple finish that almost fuses with the fabric itself.

Here are some tips to screen print with water base ink.

Water based inks are best used on a light garment

Water base inks require more air flow to dry or cure the inks than the standard plastisol inks do. To fully cure water base ink you must drive or force the water out of the inks before they can be cured by reaching the 320 degrees.

You want to make sure that the t-shirt is being cured with a heating system that uses forced air as it will dry the water out of the ink so that the ink can then be cured.

Water base ink use force air to cure or dry

Water base inks work best on light garments

Water base inks can be mixed with pigments

Water base ink can "dry" in the screen- But there are additives to keep the ink "wet" longer- These additives have made printing with water base inks MUCH easier!

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