How To Screen Print Your Own T-Shirts

Water base ink is pretty thin and makes an extremely soft-hand print on t-shirts and garments. However, alot of screen printers refuse to screen print with waterbase inks because there are problems such as screen drying and clogging or under cured inks. With some tips you too can screen print your t-shirts using water based ink to create soft hand fashionable t-shirts.

Here are some tips to screen print with water base ink.

Water based inks are best used on a light garment

Water base inks require more air flow to dry or cure the inks than the standard plastisol inks do. To fully cure water base ink you must drive or force the water out of the inks before they can be cured so use forced air to cure your inks.

Water base inks can be mixed with pigments

Water base ink can "dry" in the screen- But there are additives to keep the ink "wet" longer- These additives have made printing with water base inks MUCH easier!



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Kindly let me know the additives name and how to use them in water base inks to keep them moist.

Oct 09, 2019

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