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4 Steps to Reclaim Screen Printing Screens the Right Way

You need to remove emulsion and reclaim your screens to get ready for the next print. Here are some basic steps to follow to make reclaiming screens an easy to follow procedure process. 4 Steps to Reclaim Screen Printing Screens the Right Way 1. Remove any excess ink from your...

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Discharge Screen Printing Step by Step

Discharge screen printing has traditionally been used and made for 100% cotton garments. While reading over industry forums I've seen numerous post with the question "Can you use discharge ink on a 50/50 blend shirt?" And I could never find a direct answer. So I made this video to find...

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Screen Printing Tri-Blend Shirts | How to Screen Print Tri-blends

Screen printing tri-blend t-shirts and garments are a great way to increase your profit margin if your printing for customers. But they can also be a quick way to lose money if the prints don't look right and the customer isn't happy since the blank cost for tri-blends is more than cottons tees. So take a couple steps to ensure successful prints on tri-blends and watch your temp, inks and mesh count. When printing Tri-blend garments steps to ensure a successful print are as follows;

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Raster Images to Vector Art for Screen Printing | Adobe Illustrator

Vector artwork is the industry standard way to create t-shirt designs. But you will be converting raster images to vector files for clients if you end up designing t-shirts or screen printing for clients. In this video we use Adobe Illustrator to convert a raster image to an editable, scale...

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