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Why You Should Replace Your Old Screen Printing Equipment

You may be wondering whether it is of value to you to replace your screen printing equipment. After all, you bought it a while ago and it still does the job that it was intended for. We’re here to tell you that you should consider replacing your equipment. There are some very good reasons why.

New Screen Printers Provide Better Productivity

It’s simple. They work faster. You’ll be able to complete jobs faster than what you normally did. Which means that you can take on more work or cut labor costs. If you are using an old regular screen printing machine it may be time to switch to an automatic screen printing machine. Let the machine do more work for you. 

Lower Your Labor Cost With a New Screen Printer

The first consideration in purchasing a modern screen printing machine is how long it is going to take for your staff to understand how to use the equipment. With advances in technology it is easier than ever to use new screen printing equipment. You’ll be able to train new staff members faster. This means that they will start earning you money faster. 

Second, the equipment just works better. It has been redesigned to increase productivity. It takes less time to produce garments. Less time means less labor. 

Advanced Screen Printing Technology Means More Options for Your Customers

Let’s face it. When you buy a new computer it is exciting. You have new features. New software. New hardware. What you can do with a computer now far outweighs what you could do with a computer ten years ago. 

The same is true for screen printing equipment. You’ll have new features. New software. New hardware. The new options that new screen printing equipment can be the difference between a customer choosing you or a different screen printer. Modern features attract more clients.

Tax Considerations with New Screen Printing Equipment

It may be financially advantageous to purchase new equipment from a tax standpoint. There are always tax programs for small businesses. Plus, there are incentives for going green. Switching to new screen printing equipment can be good for the environment. It is also a key marketing point. Talk to your accountant about the possibilities of purchasing the new equipment. 

Be Determined to Replace Your Old Equipment

Upgrading equipment is expensive and time consuming. Remember, it is something every business owner goes through. It would benefit you to always save a percentage of money for new equipment. That way when it is time to upgrade you won’t bear the brunt of the costs all at once.

Decide what your business really needs to advance to the next level. Do you need to lower labor costs? Do you need more options for the customer? Determine what it is that will make you more money. Then make the decision and go for it.

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