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10 Additional Screen Printing Products You Can Sell to Your Customers

So you’ve mastered shirts and you want to make more money. That is totally understandable. Finding the right products to sell with your shirts is key to a great screen printing business strategy. We’ve compiled a list of 10 screen printed objects that you can sell to your customers.

Remember you may need to buy additional equipment or you may need to source additional vendors for the products that you want to sell. You may even have to train to create the additional products. 

Hats: These items can make you a lot of money. There are so many ways to make them look amazing with screen printing, patches, and embroidery. You can even make up a lot of humorous hats and have them on hand when customers come into your store. It’ll be a great add-on.

Embroidered Items - You’ll need to purchase an embroidery machine and learn how to use it, but there are so many people looking for embroidered items. Companies pay great money for their logo to be prominently displayed on a nice polo shirt. 

Signs: There are companies that just focus on signs rather than clothing. That’s because they know that they can make big money selling signs. Think about it. Every election season candidates need to get their message out there. Somebody has to make those signs and sell them. It might as well be you. Don’t even get us started on all of the businesses that need help wanted or now hiring signs.

Bumper Stickers: People love to read a good bumper sticker. If you have some good sayings then you can make some money. Create a group of funny bumper stickers and sell them by the checkout counter. Or better yet, create a “My kid is on the (insert high school) (insert activity) team. Sell them to students to use for fundraisers. 

Bags: There are a couple of different types of bags that you can screen print and sell. They include shopping bags for retail stores or bags with a unique design that people have to have for their own collection. 

Aprons: I’m not sure how many times somebody has purchased an apron that says “Kiss the Cook” but I’m positive that the number is quite high. Screen prints aren’t just for shirts. Come up with some catchy sayings and designs. You’ll have a brand new revenue stream in no time.

Flags: Yes, some people have an image screen printed right on to a flag. When you want people to remember your event or business then printing your logo on a flag that they can take with them is a great way to be remembered. Plus it can be cost effective.  You’ll need to source flags to be screen printed, but it can be the perfect addition to your repertoire. 

Binders: Companies that have important business meetings want to provide resources to their employees and customers. While there is traditional printing that can fill some part of the void. Screen printing can add something special as well. Adding a company logo to a binder can be the added touch that a company is looking for. Find a good selection of 3-ring binders of different sizes and offer them to large businesses that have training classes. Don’t overlook nonprofit organizations as well. 

Mugs: That plastisol ink adheres nicely to mugs as well as shirts. Once you find a supplier of mugs you can create some witty sayings and sell the products online or offer a company the option to have their logo screen printed right on it. 

Sports Equipment: While most major sports dominate the screen printing industry, there are other sports that can use the talents of a good screen printer. You can screen print on snowboards, skateboards, racket covers, even equipment bags. Take a look at the industry and see where your options lie to add new screen printing services. 

There you have it. A whole bunch of great items that you can offer to your customers. You just have to get a little creative to find the products and the customers to match. Check with your screen printing suppliers to see if they have other unique items that can be sold for profit.

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