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Screen Printing Upsells

It takes a lot to get customers to come into a business. Once the customer comes into your business you need to make the most of the opportunity. It sounds bad, but you want to get the largest amount of money out of them before they walk out the door. They may have come in for a simple t shirt order. You need to take them from a t shirt to a hoodie. You make more money selling hoodies. If you don’t attempt to sell the hoodie then they will never go for it, and you are stuck selling the lower priced t shirt. 

What Can You Upsell in a Screen Print Shop?

Shirt Upgrades: Some people want a nicer quality shirt. The plain old cotton shirt will not cut it. If you don’t have additional options to sell them then you have lost potential income. Find better quality shirts or hoodies to sell your customers. The additional profits you will make will more than make you some additional bucks. 

Multi-Colored Designs: So a client comes in and they have a basic design. It’s only one color. With a simple “Wow, that would look great with two colors.” You can increase your bottom line easily. It might take a little longer to create that shirt, but the extra income will be well worth it.

Mixed Media Designs: You can add other materials to your designs. Remember people love glitter!!! Don’t even get me started on bedazzling. If you can work it into a shirt you can sell it. There are so many ways to make a simple shirt spectacular and make a bunch of money at the same time.

Multiple Location Printing: What’s better than charging to add a design to a shirt. Add that same design to the back of the shirt. Put the logo on the front and then a bigger logo on the back. Now you’ve increased your profit. It’s just as simple as saying “Wow. That would look great on the back of the shirt as well.” It’s all about the upsell.

How Do You Sell a Screen Print Upsell

The first thing to remember is that the customer may not even know you have other options. Start with a menu of options. Once the customer sees the other options they will start to consider what they really want. Show every customer the menu. Walk them through the options that you have. They may have to suddenly make a phone call to ask if they should purchase some additional shirts of a different type and quality. Let them use your phone if you think that you can make a sale. 

You need to have samples on hand. When a customer says they need to get shirts. Say something like “Cotton, polyester, or 50/50? Would you like to feel the difference?” Then you show them the difference. You can make more money on different types of shirts because of better margins or simply higher costs. As your showing them the options let them know that you have hoodies as well. (And again...glitter letters.) 

Some people feel uncomfortable selling things. They would just prefer to be an order taker. As a business owner you need to remember one thing. You want your customers to have the best. The best material. More colors. A product that will last longer. You want them to leave with the best product that they can possibly have. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for your customers. It is why when you order a drink in a restaurant they will try to sell you a better option. They want you to have the most enjoyable experience. That’s why they offer better options. 

In your business you need to have multiple options of every product. That way you have the option to upsell. If the option is not there then you are out of luck. Source products specifically for upselling. Give them the options. 

Have books available that display your work. If they can see the amazing work that you can do that alone may move them from a simple t shirt to something more advanced. Have them sitting by your counter. Customers will love to look at them while they are waiting. 



If sales does not come naturally to you then you may want to consider reading some books on the subject. In most cases the customer already decided that they need shirts well before they walked into your store. Now it’s just a matter of haggling over the price. Take the time to practice upselling until it becomes natural. You’ll find that when you put your newfound skills into practice that you will find additional dollars in your pocket.

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