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How To Get Screen Printing Customers

How do I get more customers for my business? Screen printers constantly ask themselves this question. You’ve taken pain-staking steps to create an amazing business and you need to find people to buy your products and services. It would be nice if people just came up to you and bought your entire inventory outright. Well unfortunately that just does not happen. Well sometimes it does, but most times it does not. In this article we’re going to give you some ideas for gaining new customers for your business.

Business Cards - have business cards made up so that you give them out to people when you are in conversations. You can also post your business cards on boards at places like coffee shops. It’s one of the easiest ways to communicate with people about your business. Make sure that it is very clear that you are a screen printer or apparel decorating company on the card. Don't forget your phone number and website.

Instagram - You have to be active on Instagram. If you do anything visually then this is the best place to display your wares. People will want to see your designs from your business. Connect with people right there and convert them into customers. Tag people and post frequently. Remember to use hashtags. Use as many hashtags as Instagram will allow. This is how people find new people to follow. Facebook will work also.

Network - Be social and connect with people in your orbit. The easiest way to make sales is through people you know. These are the people that trust you and will know that you are not selling them something phony. Make sure that everybody you know understands that you are screen printer. Tell your friends, relatives, and your former business associates. Join clubs. Take a hard look at your community. In other words get your name out there and make connections.

Live Screen Printing - This is an event. Set up your business at a fair, festival, or trade show and print shirts for people right there. People love to watch shirts being printed. They don’t normally get to see a screen printer spinning around printing shirts. It can be quite fascinating. They will watch and interact with you. Make sure you have plenty of business cards and flyers ready for them. You will meet a lot of people.

SEO - This one can be a little difficult. If you have a good website then you want to gain organic traffic to it. Organic traffic is traffic that finds your website through search engines such as Google or Bing. When people are searching for a screen printer in your area you want your name to come up first. That way you are the first person to be seen and get the opportunity to earn their business. Like we said, SEO can be difficult. Do your research on the topic and 

Fraternities and Sororities - It is difficult to get business from a university. This is because the university logos are proprietary and they require a license from the university to use them. This can take a long time to achieve if it is even possible. However, fraternities and sororities don’t need use licensed logos so they are good customers to go for. They just use the Greek Letters. Most fraternities and sororities use the services of a screen printer. Especially at the beginning of the school year. 

Find A Buyer - A product buyer for a department store or any other business can generate business for you. A buyer's job is to find new products to sell to their customers. It would be your job to convince these buyers to purchase a special shirt just for them. If you can get their business it could be consistent business for you. 

Find A Niche - Find a specific segment of the market that you can focus on. When you learn everything about this group of people then you are able to design just for them and market just to them. It’s better to have multiple niches. It is possible to understand what is going on in multiple industries right now.

Make It Easy To Buy - Have your prices and processes so refined that you make it easy for customers to purchase from you. Make an order sheet that is simple to use. Create signage that explains everything. 

Choose The Accounts That You Want To Go After - There are a lot of different customers for screen printing. If you decide that you want to go after small businesses then you go after small businesses. If you want to go after sports teams then you need to go after sports teams. Find a way to gain their business. 

The Final Word On Finding Screen Printing Customers

Finding new screen print customers is hard. It takes a lot of work. You have to go out and find the people. They are not going to magically come to you. It takes time and effort. You can find new customers all over the place. You need to be strategic about how you are going to find those people. Then go after them. 

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