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Screen Printing Pricing

Screen printers all over the world have to determine how much they are going to charge for their work. Coming up with the best price for a project can be difficult. Overprice and the customer may not purchase. Underprice and you run the risk of not making enough profit to make the job worthwhile. 

Pricing screen printing jobs comes down to five primary factors. There are other factors that are involved in pricing as well and we will discuss those also.  In this article we detail each of these factors and give you things to consider when it comes to pricing. 

Item Style 

This is simply the type of garment. Is it a t-shirt or a hoodie. Both have different prices. It can also depend on quality of shirt as well. Some shirts are higher quality than others and therefore cost more money. These numbers will change regularly because the suppliers of the garments change their prices. You must do the same. You’ll want to research shirt vendors, prices, and quality of the shirts.

Quantity Per Style

This is the number of items at each of the varying sizes per item style. Remember that customers expect that when they purchase more items that they will get a lower price. This must be figured into the overall calculation as well.


It doesn’t seem as if this is something that you need to worry about when printing, but that is incorrect. When items are printed on dark shirts they require more ink to make. Without the additional ink the colors will not show up very well. 

Number of Inks on the Front

Each design is unique. Each color in a design will bring the cost to print the shirt up. For every color there is a screen made. There is ink used. It takes longer which translates into labor costs. Each additional color translates into a number of steps. 

Number of Inks on the Back

This is the same issue that you dealt with on the front of the shirt. When printing the shirts the front designs are completed first, then the back designs are completed. The original screens are taken down and the new screens are put up for the back. This means that there is additional setup time as well as colors and steps involved. It all must be figured in. 

These five factors are the most important factors when considering the pricing for screen printing. When you start to think about the pricing for your garments, it may be helpful to design a chart that you can add the prices to. Taking into account each of these factors. 

Additional costs

Setup Costs

Some printers factor in things such as how much it costs to set up the job. They typically charge a flat rate for this. Remember to figure in the number of screens that are involved, along with the labor.

Artwork Costs

This can include any design changes that needs to be made. This is also typically a flat rate charge. If a customer expects you to come up with a design for them then they need to pay for it. 


Shipping rates are difficult to calculate. This requires additional work and information to include shipping costs. This cost would be variable depending on which shipping method they choose (UPS, USPS, FedEx). It would also depend on the location that you are shipping to as well. There is a lot involved with shipping and can be a hassle. When you are starting out you may just want to stick with local customers. 


A delivery area is set. Then a flat rate is charged for delivery. This would be a better option than shipping. 

The Final Word On Screen Printing Pricing

All screen printers are not the same. Some charge one way and others charge another way. The best way to determine how to charge is to do your research. See how much other screen partners are charging in your area. Do it undercover. Don’t let them know that you are going to be competing with them. They would not like that and they would not share the information with you. Believe me, they are going to be doing it to you as well.  

Develop a pricing strategy that you understand and can clearly be presented to potential customers. It can’t be too confusing. Once you understand the five factors that make up screen printing pricing you will be able to price your goods fairly and competitively.

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